Drumrocker365.com is moving!

Where is drumrocker365.com moving to?
Drumrocker365.com will be moved to my new domain at christiantaylortech.com.

Why are you changing your domain name?
Since I've gotten in to tech videos, I've felt that my original username, Drumrocker365, has become unsuited for my tech channel. In an attempt to look more professional to my viewers, and to companies that may be interested in sending review units, I am changing my domain to christiantaylortech.com.

How do I get to your new website?
Great question! Simply type "christiantaylortech.com" into the box to the right. Additionally, you may type "christiantaylortech.com" into your browser. If you have my website bookmarked, I ask that you update the bookmark to the new domain.

Why didn't you just redirect me?
If you know anything about simple HMTL or Javascript, you know I could simply have this page redirect to my new website. The reason I require your action is to alert you of the domain change. For cost management, this domain will be expiring shortly, meaning it could no longer redirect you when you visit it. In an attempt to alert as many people as possible, I have created this page.

Please type "christiantaylortech.com" into the box below to be redirected!